Planet Teapot Set Of 7


Hey, tea lovers, we offer you the Tea Set, which leads you to the taste of the world……
灵感来源于孤独星球,人类对于宇宙的无限好奇和探索。材质用了传统的紫泥,喷上黑色砂岩釉,以达到外观触感跟接近地表的感觉。球型杯子,倒扣下来就是一个单独星球的形状。碟子的灵感来源于星云,环绕的轨迹形成了一个圆形底盘。黄铜把手就像是一颗流星划过星空,黑色的宇宙留下一道金色的轨迹。 孤独和自由也是其中的理念,独身子女,父母两人加上自己。三杯三碟也是纪念我们80后这一代。
Inspired by the Lonely Planet, human infinite curiosity and exploration of the universe. The material is made of traditional purple mud and sprayed with black sandstone glaze to achieve a sense of appearance and close to the ground. The spherical cup, the buckle down is the shape of a single planet. The dish was inspired by the nebula, and the surrounding trajectory formed a circular chassis. The brass handle is like a meteor across the starry sky, leaving a golden trajectory in the black universe. Loneliness and freedom are also among the ideas, single children, and parents. Three cups and three dishes are also commemorating our generation after the 80s.

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1 Pot | 3 Cup | 3 Plate


Purple clay | brass



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