Scented Candle STAR

the Planet Collection ( Natural )

Scanted Candle

前調 : 大吉嶺紅茶、橙花、佛手柑

中調 : 紙沙木、豆蔻

後調 : 麝香、琥珀

Top : Darjeeling black tea, orange blossom, bergamot

Middle : paper sand, soybean meal

After : musk, amber


原料: 天然大豆蠟、天然精油、進口燭芯

添加物: 天然彩貝屑、黑曜石、百玉水晶、螢石

Raw material: Natural soybean wax, natural essential oil, imported candle wick

Additives: natural shellfish, obsidian, jasper crystal, fluorite

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