the Heaven Temple Dinnerware

Dinnerware set of 6

中国地标系列, 灵感来源于北京地标建筑天坛。 品牌初衷是创造出艺术品位与商品实用性相互结合的产品,以中国元素为主,西方理念为辅,诠释现代东方美学。设计当中蕴含着中国传统饮食文化,里面可盛放主食,汤水,甜点,这一套餐具基本满足一个三口之家一餐食物盛放。 反向思维设计体现在其中两个浅口盘的倒扣在其他器皿上方的陈列方式,以保持整个形成一个坛的外观造型。
The Chinese landmark series is inspired by the landmark building of Beijing. The original intention of the brand is to create a product that combines the artistic position and the practicality of the product. It is based on Chinese elements, supplemented by Western ideas, and interprets modern oriental aesthetics. The design contains Chinese traditional food culture, which can contain staple food, soup water and dessert. This set of tableware basically meets the food of a family of three. The reverse thinking design is reflected in the way in which the two inverted flaps are displayed over the other vessels to maintain the appearance of the entire formation of an altar.

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6 piece



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